1970s Winston Cigarette Women Achieve My Dream

1970s Winston Cigarette Women Achieve My Dream



I never like people smiling in pictures. It’s like an idiot reaction to me unless it’s a real smile or a truly captured moment that isn’t posed at all. My dream has always been to bring back the good old days of people looking very serious or even angry for their picture taking time (sometimes holding a gun or a broom because obviously they had to get back to work after that damn picture) during the industrial revolution days. Why must we smile?

I have always liked smoking, especially in pictures. There is always something sexy, dangerous or cool about a picture of someone holding a cigarette.

Buzzfeed has managed to find the ultimate combination in these 1970s Winston ads of women that look serious about their smoking.

I learned to smoke Winstons in Paris thanks to some dude – but when I got back to the US people called me ghetto, so I converted back to American Spirits. Are Winston smokes ghetto?

Check out the pics here.

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