48 Collateral Effects of Quitting Facebook

We all have different reasons for quitting Facebook and we all did it or thought about it. It can be social media exhaustion, it can be the fact that there’s no social media rehab in your area or simply social media bankruptcy. I actually went through it and I can tell you first hand what happens when you quit Facebook. It’s no easy task, my friend, I can tell you that for free.

1.No one texts you to invite you for their party/random accomplishment get together.
2.You will start having dreams in “likes.”
3.That girl/guy you friended (because you thought it was a smoother move), rather than asking for their phone number, is gone.
4.You can’t stalk your exes anymore.
5.No one remembers your birthday.
6.You realize only a few of your kindhearted friends find you amusing.
7.You wonder if your “like” dreams are real.
8.You actually don’t know what’s happening in your friends’ lives.
9.You have an unjustified feeling of superiority.
10.Your oversharing is frowned upon IRL.

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