Festival Pass c/o Levi Jeans and Consequence of Sound!

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FREE Signup and Pic opp.


Imagine you could win a pair of General Admission passes to any one festival of your choice for FREE. Now, make that image even better by outfitting yourself in $100 worth of new Levi Jeans duds to wear at said festival of your choice. Pretty impressive!

How is this possible? and How does one sign up?

Aside from keeping the Internet up to date on music happenings and performance, Consequence of Sound has partnered with Levi Jeans to put together this awesome opportunity for Spring 2016. One lucky participant will be looking fresh for festival season.

Two Ways to Win:

  1. Sign up for the contest with your email address by clicking here for a redirect.
  2. Post pics of you sporting your favorite Levis at festivals, including the reference #LiveinLevis, sharing why Levis Jeans are crucial for your concert experience. Then, using the widget, post your link to receive five entries instead of one {picture increases odds by 5x}.

A few rules…

The contest is limited to festivals within the United States that happen before April 30th 2016. Winner to be announced 1 April 2016. Travel expenses are responsibility of the winner.

Shout to sources:  Consequence of Sound, Levi Jeans

Picture c/o:  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/07/c5/7b/07c57b18fdb835702c3e6c6ee028952f.jpg