8 Hipster Twitters You Have to Follow – Now!

Hipster+Trap.+Hipster+Trap+http+lachane.com_ec7b20_3766495“Hipsters” have become as ubiquitous as bacon, particularly in urban areas. Maybe you live in a smaller town or perhaps you just can’t get enough Hipster Culture to satisfy your deep desire for plaid and craft beer. Either way, Twitter’s here to help.
Here are eight hipster-tastic Twitter accounts you need to be following whether you need a laugh, advice on your mustache, or just a little extra spice in your life.
One of the foundations of any true hipster is a devotion to all things nonsensical. Enter: @DisneyHipsters. This account more or less digs out the most “hipster” elements of all things Disney, from the parks to the books to the DVD. You have to follow to truly get the vibe.
A cross between a satire Twitter account and an actual great place to get some details about what hipsters in other communities you don’t live in are doing, visit this account. You have to have a tough skin if you’re already a hipster, though, because snark abounds here.
The original hipster babe, Zooey is still living the hipster life while toeing the line of becoming “too mainstream.” If you want advice on how to be a modern hipster without being insufferable, follow Zooey on Twitter (with her other 4 million followers) and take notes.
Basically a live Twitter feed of the Unhappy Hipsters Tumblr feed, this is a good site for a laugh. If you’ve ever giggled at a collection of absurdly obscure stock photos, you’re probably going to love this Twitter account.
Leto has undergone an interesting hipster transformation in recent years, but he’s still one of the most popular alt-guys on the planet. An arbiter of all things “hip,” Leto is a great person to follow if you want to stay up on what the kids are listening to.
Anyone who knows anything about web design can relate to a hatred of Lorem Ipsum which is where Hipster Ipsum comes in. If you need block text that’s totally nonsensical and basically just taking up space, Hipster Ipsum is where to look. Also a great source of Hipster vocab to augment your speech.
Braden Graeber is a prolific hipster blogger with a huge following. His Twitter account is more of the same but he’s one of the more self-aware hipsters on the urban stage. Pictures, jokes, and snark all in one Twitter account? Hipster gold.
The gold standard in Hipster Tweets, @Hipsters is the sister site to the Hipster Problems Facebook page. A satirical, sarcastic take on what makes hipsters so insufferable, @Hipsters is your go-to source for hipsterisms on the web.

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