A Super Hero Themed Show That Can Take You To @NY_Comic_Con


Super heroes are all the rage these days, but fanboys exist since forever. Or for almost a century now. I mean, Batman just turned 75 for chrissake! Thinking about the confluence and the influence of the medium, the Con Artist Collective is having a second art show that also happens to correlate with the New York Comic Con 2014: CONICON 2.0! This happens tonight and what’s more, you can get free tickets to attend this year’s Comic Con! Make sure you visit @ConArtistNYC tonight to see great art and to have a great time.

CONICON 2.0, a CONtinuation of the Con Artist Collective’s CONnection to the CONspicuous CONsumption of all that CONsists of the culture of comics.
With your CONsent, we CONtrive to CONvince you of the complex CONcepts of this facet of CONtemporary society through CONversation and participation.
Toss CONformity aside and get in touch with your inner geek, nerd or cosplayer with iCONic art that has an X factor, radioactive presence and the mystical powers of the imagination.
CONfectious, unCONventional and sometimes CONtroversial, CONICON 2.0, ‘Nuff Said!
10.01.14 /// 7pm – 11pm /// Opening Party
10.08.14 /// 7pm – 11pm /// Closing Party
Con Artist Collective
119 Ludlow St, New York, New York 10002

10708682_653903464708231_3960096821025568398_o Check out this preview of what’s coming!

Seriously, don’t miss it.