Adore Delano “I Can’t Love You” from After Party


“I Can’t Love You” by Adore Delano from After Party

Track Review:

Described as “the most talented Mermaid” on iTunes (Delin1917), Adore Delano’s beautiful lyrical piece “I Can’t Love You” is featured on After Party. Released today, 11 March 2016, and noted as a follow-up piece to Til Death Do Us Part, “After Party is the second studio album from American singer-songwriter and drag queen, Adore Delano” (@AdoreDelano). Love can be tricky. Sometimes, even when one meets a seemingly “perfect” person there is the strong possibility that things won’t fly. Finding a work of art – a masterpiece of desire – Adore Delano says, “But I can’t love you anyway. I can’t love you anyhow.” Despite the faery tale in motion, Adore is held back, something makes the love unfeasible, unattainable – just out of reach. Whether Adore knows what the something is or is unable to fix the problem, she is aware of reality from fantasy. While Adore may be referring to societal-conditioning as the something, the message applies to many confronted with challenges presented by love and acceptance.


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Adore Delano


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