Alec Baldwin to Kill Carson Daly for Late Night Spot

There can be only ONE!!!!! NBC is in the middle of a late night shakeup, and are replacing (in 2014) the complacently bland Jay Leno with the extremely likable (and bland) Jimmy Fallon. The 1:30 AM time slot is also about to get more competitive, as Alec Baldwin is in talks to replace Carson Daly. This will be great because I don’t think anyone realized there was still a show on at 1:30. Free Publicity Right? While I am extremely excited about Alec Baldwin with his own late night show, I’ve compiled a list of other possibilities that could replace Daly, and get higher ratings.


A show hosted by the CGI “Talking M&M’s

Carson Daly TRL Reruns

The Yule Log

Shark Tank

Women’s Basketball Highlights

     Ahead, the highlights of Alec Baldwin’s career.

Jeffrey Tyc
Jeffrey Tyc
Jeff Tyc is an avid reader of "Word of the Day" toilet paper. Follow him on twitter @JeffTyc


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