Animal Collective Releases Live Albums to Support Progress NC

Albums of indie band Animal Collective are basically staples in any self-respecting music lover’s playlist (or vinyl collection). Fans can now get even more excited to hear that rather than boycotting playing shows in North Carolina in rejection of the anti-LGBT law, they’re playing and releasing more live music and donating the profits to Progress NC, an organization dedicated to forward and progressive thinking (Tiny Mix Tapes).  The band released a statement saying, “this year, we’ve been mixing and recording some of our live shows. In an effort to raise awareness and help those fighting for equality, we are making two of our favorite recent shows available for download in a ‘pay what you want’ model.” (Animal Collective).  Choose from the April 13 show at The Ritz in Manchester, UK or the May 9 show at La Fonda in Los Angeles and get your humanitarian on HERE. Check out their upcoming tour dates HERE.


Animal Collective Tour photo









Sources: Tiny Mix Tapes, Animal Collective, Bandcamp, Facebook


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