Are Hipsters Good At Making Out?

  1.  muncies answered: who on this planet would
  2.  lookatallthosecats answered: I don’t really think there’s an ironic way to say that making out has nothing to do with being a hipster.. fer realz doodz.
  3.  iwasstraightuplivid answered: Idk, I have no experience with a so-called Hipster. Wouldn’t rule it out at all though.
  4.  vinyloquacity answered: Non-ironically, maybe.
  5.  lorettax0xo answered: I am
  6.  corllean answered: Nope
  7.  msbrandiebrown answered: you bet your fancy pants they are. with all PBR in their system
  8.  chay-matic answered: Yea!
  9.  lifeisjusttodie answered: only if mommy and daddy paid for the braces…
  10.  lemonadeandsadness answered: I was certainly taken by surprise once, so I’ll say yes.
  11.  thirdculturekid answered: They’re generally good but get caught up in the irony.
  12.  caldwell11 answered: yes
  13.  laurenkayd answered: just as good as scene kids
  14.  treespotter answered: I think so. How do they know they’re good?
  15.  dairam answered: A little one sided on this one. who gives a shit. But from my experience, it was good, but I wasn’t into him. So i thought he = overeager.
  16.  npyskater answered: Yes.
  17.  dying2bthin answered: The best!
  18.  cjew113 answered: Hipsters don’t kiss…because that’s ironic and irony = hip. Unless however, they are male, then they only kiss other boys…ironic, right?
  19.  jamaldp answered: It doesn’t matter because you’ll be in bed at the end of the night and alone when you wake up.
  20.  chocolatecastle answered: hipsters are not very good at kiss.
  21.  sterilenvirons answered: i wouldn’t know, i never got the chance to kiss her. haha
  22.  vinylcyril answered: why would there be a difference between a hipster and a non-hipster? :)
  23.  jakwils answered: yes
  24.  plain-libertine answered: since they’ve got a lot of practice, yeah.
  25.  angiepartyofone answered: they fucking better be
  26.  cityofbethlehem answered: Yessss yes. Some of my best make outs are from hipsters.
  27.  barbsobel answered: no. they have one eye looking in the mirror at all times.
  28.  br0t1lla answered: Only if they’re drunk. Off of PBR.
  29.  gabzilla answered: totally!
  30.  salander85 answered: Hell yeah I am.
  31.  good-ideas-club answered: out of the many, it seems that they are either good at kissing or sexing, never both. it’s really a shame
  32.  jessthewhale answered: i made out with a hipster once. he drooled on me and couldn’t get my bra off. i’d say it could have been worse but that would be lying.
  33.  pyromaniac123 answered: hells yes. and you better take thier word for it.
  34.  upallnightdemonstofight answered: When they’re not too busy being apathetic.
  35.  nearserendy answered: Usually. It’s cute if they can’t anyway.
  36.  abelievedlie answered: oh yes. might as well wear plaid lipstick.
  37.  poohbears answered: go kiss one
  38.  eccentrified answered: Not if you’ve been chewing brand-name gun. That’s too mainstream.
  39.  snakewilkinson answered: Their old shit was better
  40.  jetanders answered: The hipster girls, yes. But I don’t have enough samples to be an authority…
  41.  thenewoldrissa answered: no… no they aren’t… they are too apathetic to give it their all…
  42.  caraisabou answered: GOD yes. the only slightly hipster-ish kid i made out with was the best and i miss it, scratchy beard n’ everything.
  43.  paol0 answered: no, they are awkward as fuckk and that’s what makes them indie.
  44.  soddice answered: They’re scary. Wouldn’t approach, though I am dating a pseudo-hipster and she’s fantastic. 
  45. Thanks for all the answers, hipsters!

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