Ausmuteants – “Mates Rates”

mates rates

Melbourne based synth punk band Ausmuteants have premiered a melodic upbeat chugging song “Mates Rates” which is available as a 7″ single through Chicago based label Hozac.

There is a great deal of fierce chaotic energy bursting forth from “Mates Rates”. On top of what is already some great raw sounding straight up punk rock there is a layer of melodic synthesizer that acts as the focal point of the song, also getting its own solo in the outro that could be considered its own song. The synth contains a nice balance of dissonance as well as ear pleasing melody. The interesting thing though is even without the synth it would still be a great punk song. The guitars and drums are driving enough to where they could be fine on their own.

Concerning the subject matter of the song Noisey says:

‘Mates’ rate’ is a particularly Australian phrase that refers to receiving discounted prices or preferential terms based on friendship or mateship. This could refer to a cheap beer at a buddy’s bar or a multibillion-dollar building contract or political deal.

You can listen to “Mates Rates” below:


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