Bernie Sanders Rock Star Status



Is Bernie Sanders more than just a Democratic presidential hopeful? Larry Wilmore has compared him to the Messiah on the April 13 Nightly Show, but at his New York City rallies leading up to the NY Primary, Bernie Sanders was a bona fide Rock Star. There was a lot of merch available at his events from T-shirts, buttons and posters, some or probably most were bootleg. Wherever he was, a crowd would form to snap a million selfies with him and did I mention the bands that opened for him was Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio? Wired compared it to Pitchfork come to life! He might have not won the NY Primary but he was celebrated all over the Empire State and even squeezed in a visit to The Vatican to meet with the Pope. Indie labels sign this guy up now before he drops an album! He’s so huuuuuge right now!

At the LIC rally in Hunters Point South Park
At the LIC rally in Hunters Point South Park


Opening band for Bernie Sanders, TV On The Radio
Opening band for Bernie Sanders at the Long Island City rally, TV On The Radio
His entourage at a surprise visit to Jackson Heights.
His entourage at a surprise visit to multi-cultural Jackson Heights in Queens.
Surprise visit to Jackson Heights
Text and Photos by Josef Pinlac