Birthh Recognizes the Struggle of Love in “Chlorine”

“Chlorine” by Birthh from Born in the Woods

Track Review:

Talk about powerful lyrics! Alice Bisi’s vocals – unique and throaty – speak of relationship discord. She says, “But you just make me sick, and you just haunt my dreams. Like a demon in my head, that kills the happiness in me.” Toxic relationship alert! Most of us have been there before. Falling for someone who is not the same being in one’s head – reality shatters one’s fantasy. Birthh moves for distancing the self from the problem person who “pretends you’re a saint.” Birthh choses happiness instead of a difficult relationship, she says, “You’re not wanted here.” Allegra Rosenberg described Birthh’s track; she said, “…’Chlorine’ pushes the boundaries of indie pop to swim in the depths of emotional and dark-hearted lyricism” (WildHoneyPie).


Album Release:

Born in the Woods released today, 18 March 2016, and is available on iTunes and BandCamp. The new album includes ten original tracks, each one a sliver of self-experience. Each track offers music to relate to, and would go nicely with a bottle of Pinot Noir.

Tour Date:

Saturday 19 March 2016 (tomorrow) Birthh with The Dumplings, Missio and three others @ The Townsend in Austin, TX, US, with SXSW. Order your ticket through SongKick.


Shout to Sources: The Wild Honey Pie, YouTube, BandCamp, iTunes, SongKick


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