Breaking Bad Themed DJ Set by Walt Jr. A.K.A. Flynn


RJ Mitte, who played the Walt Jr. A.K.A. Flynn in Breaking Bad, is a DJ now. And he’ll be playing in New York.

Of all Breaking Bad paraphernalia I’ve seen through the years, this one for sure takes the cake. Here are some of the chunes that Flynn will be spinning:

1. Supertramp — “Breakfast In America”
2. Prince — “Breakfast Can Wait”
3. Deep Blue Something — “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”
4. Melissa Steel — “Kisses For Breakfast”
5. Christina Aguilera — “Sex For Breakfast”

It all happens at New York’s B.B. King Blues Club on April 10, 2015. See the poster below:

breakingbeats-1 (1)



Juke the Tiger – Dancetoon


Hala – Feels Like Yesterday


Indigo De Souza – Hold U


Elita – Sour Switchblade

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