Chinese Factory Workers & the Toys They Make


These are photographs from ‘The Real Toy Story’ by German-born Michael Wolf.

“In 2010 the average monthly salary, including overtime, for a migrant worker was CNY1,690 (UK£150 / US$240), insufficient to cover basic needs for workers and their families. In 2009 alone, approximately 1 million workers suffered industrial injuries whilst about 20,000 were victims of occupational disease. (Source: War on Want:

This TED Talk discusses the lives of Chinese factory workers: from their own perspective.

This 2009 film ‘Last Train Home’ offers a detailed look at migrant workers:

A report from last week from China Labour Watch about poor conditions at Matel’s toy factories: Guardian article: SACOM is a Hong Kong-based NGO which highlights abusive working conditions in the mainland and fights for labour rights in Chinese factories:

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