CMJ Daily Show Picks for Tuesday

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Chrome Pony

Four kids from Nashville formed a fuzzy southern-style rock band that’s twangy and 60s psychedelic all at the same time. The band released their newest album You Are the Pisces this past August.

Space Carnival

Rural upstate New York band Space Carnival creates electronic, funky disco compilations, or as they would call it, “slippery disco” and “interplanetary speed funk.” As its tracks progress, the drums become more prominent and high energy, creating the perfect jam atmosphere.


Caverns is a complex indie rock band whose tracks blend multiple melodies that inevitably peak in chaos and come back down to earth as Nicola Wincenc’s hauntingly high pitched voice comes into play. Vocally, the band sounds similar to Tame Impala, but the instrumentals are much heavier verging on grunge rock at times. They list Radiohead, Grizzly Bear and Pink Floyd as other huge influences.


The Australian band toured America’s West Coast, which makes perfect sense considering their beach garage band sound. Instrumentals remain fairly simplistic with basic guitar strums and sometimes little drums, making the 90s-esque punk vocals sound intensely honest.



Hillary Crawford
Hillary Crawford
You could call me a dabbler when it comes to music. I find myself experimenting with anything from guitar to DJ-ing. Now, I'm writing about the only topic that never ceases to fascinate me. I may have been trained as a political journalist, but I'm a music enthusiast at heart.


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