Crowdfund This: On The Same Page App

On The Same Page is a really clever app that will make text/image collaborations seamless. The app allows you to keeps both images and text on the screen together at all times and it also gives you permission to use its template for your own projects. How sweet is that? Check the press release after the jump.

ON THE SAME PAGE : an innovative app for text/image collaboration

The Campaign

Two.5 is raising funds to cover final production costs for On The Same Page: an innovative app template that displays image/text collaborations digitally. Inspired by the 12 sets of photo triptychs and stories two.5 created for Dirty LaundryOn The Same Page keeps both images and text on the screen together at all times. On The Same Page creates an HTML based web app – which means it looks and feels like a typical smartphone or tablet app but is downloadable from anywhere on the web.  The application’s stripped back design and layout is devoted purely to the experience of viewing text and image collaborations. On The Same Page functions as an app template, which means that other people can use it to publish their own work using a licensed copy of our software files. We’ll be using it to publish our photo-story series, Dirty Laundry, as well as our next project “Guilty Pleasures” and more to come after that: it’s a gift that keeps on giving!



What We Need

Thanks to an R&D grant from the British Council joint with the Arts Council England, we have completed the development stage and the first stage of production. In order to complete the project we are reaching out to our friends, family and wider acquaintances to help us raise the remaining funds necessary for our brilliant friends at ADQ Design to complete the application template and make it ready for our users.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Creating the software files for the app (inc. producing a PDF user guide so other people can license the software & publish their own work) will cost  £3,500 / $5700

BUT we have already £920 (hurrah!)

Remaining production costs  = £2,580 / $4218

…add on printing & postage costs for the perks (est. £150 / $245)

… and Indiegogo fees at 9%* (£245.70 / $400)

Our Goal = £2,975.70 ? $4864

*Fees will DROP to 4% if we meet our goal, meaning more money for Art. Anything we raise in excess of our goal will go towards R&D for two.5’s next project, Guilty Pleasures.


How You Can Help

It would only take 120 people donating £25 / $40 each (that’s about two pints in London or a nice lunch in New York) to reach our target. Please forward our campaign information on so that we can complete our goal.

You can also use the Indiegogo share tools to tweet about us, update your Facebook status, or mention us in your blog… all we want for Easter is a successful end to our campaign and we need your help!


What You Get

As a thank you for investing in our art and making our Dirty Laundry dreams come true we’ve created a series of exclusive perks. Everyone who donates will receive a very public thank you on the two.5  Facebook and Twitteraccounts, but the more you give the more you receive, from limited edition postcard sets to audio stories, or even a licensed copy of the On The Same Page software files.

Who We Are

Two.5 is a collaboration between Samantha Silver and Viccy Adams. We’ve been friends for over 10 years and artistic collaborators for nearly 3, despite living in different time zones and on different continents. Our goal in working together is to experiment with combining our respective skills and using them in a way that is fresh, exciting and easily shared digitally.


Samantha is a Brooklyn based photographer/filmmaker. A member of Local 600 Cinematographers Guild as well as Con Artist Art Collective, her photography and short films have been shown in galleries and on the streets of the 5 Boroughs and abroad. She has an MA in film production from Bristol University and works in the film and TV industry.


Viccy is a UK based published short story writer. A former Leverhulme Trust artist in residence at Edinburgh University, she works part-time as a Research Associate in creative writing at Newcastle University. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and is involved with a number of community-focussed writing projects in the UK.


The Technical Team

ADQ is a small design studio with a large skill-set formed by Mel Ashby and Asier de Quadra, both senior designers with more than 25 years combined experience in print and digital design. Established in 2011 and working from Whitley Bay in the North East of England, ADQ has a track record of creating interactive web applications.

Mel is a senior designer and web developer with a background in journalism (BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, The Big Issue, The Times). An expert in CSS/HTML and all things web development and digital publishing, she is and advocate for user-friendly digital experiences.

Asier’s background is in architecture and fine art with 12 year experience in graphic designer, including behind the scenes coding for rich internet applications. He holds an MA in Design with distinction from Northumbria University.

The Impact

By contributing to our campaign, you’ll be making the three years of artistic and administrative effort we’ve invested in the Dirty Laundry series worthwhile.

You’ll be helping two emerging artists see the first major display of their collaboration shared with a global audience, in a custom-designed digital setting. As well as the financial help needed to cover final production costs, you’re giving us a vote of confidence that will fuel us onto the next step in our artistic careers.

Most of all, you’ll be helping us make a damn fine application, and one that keeps on giving; once we have built the architecture of On The Same Page we will be able to continue to use it as the basis for future projects. And so can you: by donating £300 or above, you’ll receive a licensed copy of our software files and PDF guide so that you can publish your own content with our template.








** watch our incredibly cute and informative video **



* view the beta version of Dirty Laundry online *


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