Cub Sport: “Only Friend”


Since 2010, the Australian pop band Cub Sport has undergone numerous name changes and released 2 EPs in the meantime. Although, the band has yet to release an album under its current name, which didn’t become official until August 2013, Cub Sport is back in the game and will debut a third EP, named after their newest single “Only Friend” on Oct. 30th via Nettwerk.

All Things Go premiered the single and asked lead singer and founder Tim Nelson about the new track. Nelson explains how the song is reflective of his own sentiments:

I felt like I lacked control over something that I’d poured myself into and it left me feeling pretty isolated. That’s what inspired ‘Only Friend’ and what made it the last track I wrote that made the album. It wasn’t written to be a Cub Sport song but we all liked it so much we decided to include it on the upcoming album and make it the title track for the EP.

The back and forth synth beat is constant throughout and features extensive use of voice layering, adding depth to the track even before the drum beat drops. Nelson’s dismayed, almost mournful voice and relentless guitar reverb in the background creates an emotionally charged atmosphere that leaves Nelson vulnerable as he asks:

Have you ever thought of walking away, cuz I’ve been thinking about it every day.

Listen to the track here.