Download A New Toro y Moi Mixtape titled Samantha


Lately Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi has been dropping random new tracks all summer on his soundcloud saying very little about them other than leaving a “hashtag samantha”.  The tracks have been a stark contrast compared to his more guitar driven LP, What For, released earlier this year.  Last night it seems that everything has finally come together as Chaz has shared a 20 track mixtape including previous songs like “Pitch Black“.  The mixtape titled Samantha can be downloaded here and features more hip-hop production than we’ve seen from Chaz in the past, there’s even a track featuring Washed Out.  It’s a very welcome surprised, check out the tracklist below (cover art above).



  1. Power of Now
  2. 2Late ft. Kool A.D. & SAFE
  3. Driving Day
  4. Good Song
  5. Pitch Black ft. Rome Fortune
  6. Us 2
  7. That Night ft. Kool A.D. & SAFE
  8. Stoned at the MOMA
  9. Room for 1zone
  10. Want ft. Washed Out
  11. Ambient Rainbow
  12. Benjiminz ft. Rome Fortune
  13. Boo Boo Mobile
  14. bytheneck
  15. Real Love ft. Kool A.D.
  16. Enough of You ft. Nosaj Thing
  17. The Usual
  18. Prayer Hands
  19. Holy Nights ft. SHORE
  20. welp, tour’s over

Toro y Moi: