DRINKS – “Laying Down Rock”



Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (also known as White Fence) have joined forces creatively to form a project called DRINKS. Signing with Birth Records and Heavenly Recordings the duo will be putting out their debut album “Hermits on Holiday” on August 21st. To promote the album, they have put out a single titled “Laying Down Rock” via Vogue and SoundCloud.

“Laying Down Rock” is a simple pop rock tune, but the way it is constructed is clever. The same clean guitar melody keeps cycling through over and over again while an acoustic guitar plays in the background and switches from chord to chord to keep it feeling as though there is some progression within the song. The rhythm for the most part is just a steady pounding at the snare with a small fill here and there. It might not seem like much, but the ‘less is more’ approach seems to work here. The vocal melody seems directly influenced by The Beatles, which considering the song’s simplistic pop rock nature is a tasteful asset. It is a nice addition to anyone’s ‘on the way to somewhere’ playlist.