Druglord — Deepest Regrets EP


Druglord is an underground doom band hailing from Richmond, VA.


Hold on.

What the fuck.

Who could have imagined that doom or sludge–or what ever you feel like calling it–would become so mainstream that it would have to be specified when a band is underground? Doom is always underground. Literally(figuratively), if you drilled deep enough into the Earth’s crust, the core of the planet would emit a low rumble that would be frighteningly similar to the last track on this EP.

The Deepest Regrets EP is the last three songs the band recorded with Greta Brinkman, who has played her bass right-handed-turned-upside-down with variety of big acts ranging from L7 and Four Walls Rising, to Moby and The Debbie Harry Band. The EP is beautifully produced; compressed and powerfully bass heavy. Like all good doom, the tracks are individual soundtracks to depression induced panic attacks: they come in like feverish opium dreams, build to a lead-heavy jog, then slowly topple from exhaustion. What really separates Druglord from the rest is the emotion portrayed by the vocal cadence. The strained whine radiates misery as it weaves through the song like a painful memory. It can ruin the best day in the best way.

Admit it.

Doom is a saturated market. The sounds and images associated with the low, dark, sad genre have become commonplace among the hip. It’s gone the way of the Misfits skull, the Black Flag bars; or the year that high fashion adopted the black metal bullet-belt. Oh well. While the hipsters pick and choose what they need to satisfy their longing to represent every cult without actually becoming a member, Druglord is a heavy contender in a real scene thriving, deep below the surface of the planet. Literally(figuratively).


 Deepest Regrets EP and the rest of Druglord’s tunes can be found HERE.  

Davis Van Luven



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