Dutch Uncles premeire the video for “Decided knowledge”off of their new album

Through their recently released album “O Shudder” out now on Memphis Industries, the Indy pop group- Dutch Uncles- lyrically tackles the everyday growing pains of being twenty something in a generic Northern suburbia and trying to find yourself and a place where you belong amid all of the craziness. Along with their new album Dutch Uncles have released a music video for one of their singles “Decided knowledge”. The video itself has a funky tune( which in my opinion is reminiscent of the talking heads) that takes you away to a small beach town located in Wales, where a puppet version of the groups lead singer Duncan leads you on an erratic tour. The puppet in the video  can be likened to a human shaped representation for how like the puppet, life problems have a tendency to pop out of nowhere at unexpected times.

For more information on Dutch Uncles make sure to check out their website!


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