Editors: “Life Is a Fear”

British punk revival band, Editors, have added yet another single to their extensive track record that began in 2002. “Life Is a Fear” will be included on their upcoming album In Dream, which will be released on October 10th.

Historically, the group’s dark indie rock style has been compared to famous bands such as Interpol and Joy Division. In regards to “Life is a Fear,” such comparisons remain accurate, but the track is slightly overproduced.

The track showcases Tom Smith’s broad vocal range, changing from deep and quivering during the verses to high and borderline operatic during the chorus. The fluctuations create a depressively ominous vibe that is pleasantly nostalgic of the new wave rock sound of the 80s. This is particularly apparent as he sings, “Life is a fear of falling through all the cracks.” However, the overload of synth paired with a consistent bass drum rhythm dominates just a little bit too much, especially during the chorus, creating slight instrumental imbalance. Even so, the intention of morphing electric synth with new wave punk rock has potential, which the band has showcased more accurately in numerous other tracks.

Hillary Crawford
Hillary Crawford
You could call me a dabbler when it comes to music. I find myself experimenting with anything from guitar to DJ-ing. Now, I'm writing about the only topic that never ceases to fascinate me. I may have been trained as a political journalist, but I'm a music enthusiast at heart.


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