I’ve heard Electric Parlor described as “the lovechild of Black Sabbath and Janis Joplin” and I can offer no better insight then that, I wish I’d heard the band first so I could claim the description as my own. All I can add is that Robert Plant definitely got in on that with Sabbath and Joplin, and I’d guess the lovechild dated GNR for awhile in high school. But comparison’s aside this band speaks for itself and there could be no one better lead front woman Monique Alvarez to do it. As she deliver’s some of the heaviest, dirtiest, most beautifully raw vocals on the market today (if not ever) and the band (Zachary Huling, Kris Farr, and Josh Fell) take the best of everything that is great about classic dirty blues driven rock n’ roll and make it their own. It’s all the heart and fullness of the great old souls of bass, drum, and guitar coming straight and fresh out of young fingertips, but they in no way suffer from an over attachment to sounding like an old style rock group and are not afraid to experiment and infuse and it serves them well.  This band is now a favorite of mine and I’m glad they were brought to my attention. They have thoroughly re-invigorated my faith in good old fashioned rock n’ roll to be created by today’s bands, and as I continue to play their debut album I find myself only diverting my attention from the music long enough to muse about what we can expect next from these talented rockers that know that old bands are to be learned from, not imitated (something that I feel like gets confused with today’s bands and leads to uninspired music and bored audiences and the audacious claim that rock is dying).


In the tradition of all great debut albums, in my opinion, the two best tracks are the first and the last. The the catchy high energy opener “Reckless” is this band’s signature style revved up with hard rock style and a punky attitude, and you can’t help moving your head and wanting to get up and go this is the kind of song best served live so below is a live version of “Reckless”.

The closing Track “Last Battle”  is a truly awesome journey. A perfect solemn closer, that’s almost Led- Zeppelin-esque, constantly kicking back in and trudging on. It’s got a much richer more respectful tone  lyrically and is more generally epic in subject matter then its opening counterpart. Accordingly I’ve included the official release of the music video for “Last Battle”. Its effects set the backdrop for the music perfectly.

Other notable tracks include “Rage”  for its bad-ass tone and lyrics, “Bitter” for its soul and tender instrumental backing that create an emotional experience in great blues fashion, and “Hazy Daisy” for its fun stress free vibes.


All in all, this group and everything they stand for I agree with. I wish them nothing but the best and hope I can make it too see them live someday. In the meantime, I cannot stress how much support music like this needs in today’s day and age where its turning into a lost art.

To Purchase The Album: https://qrates.com/artists/weingartnerphonogram/items/10923

To Learn More About The Band: http://www.workingbrilliantly.com/#!electric-parlor/c1hu3

Band’s Website: http://www.electricparlormusic.com/#

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