Première: Figures of Eighty Remix Empathy Test

Got a real treat for you all! My pals Empathy Test, who I recently interviewed, have offered Punchland an opportunity to present their latest remix that will be available via their new ‘Throwing Stones Remixed’ EP.’ The EP drops August 18th via all major digital outlets and will feature ten altered tracks from their second December 2014 EP, ‘Throwing Stones.’ All of the remixes have been touched up by various talented musicians across the globe to make a collection of excellent sounds.

The London-based electronic pop duo has already revealed NYC DJ Thomas Datt’s reworking of Here Is The Place and Paris duo Minuit Machine’s remix of title track Throwing Stones. Another, from NYC’s Aeon Rings, appeared on Berlin-based blog Kaltblut this past Monday.

The latest remix to get a première comes care of new underground London dance act duo Figures of Eighty and Punchland has the exclusive first listen. This is the first EVER material to see the light of day from Figures of Eighty. The duo, consisting of DJ and producer Ned Woodman plus Empathy Test’s very own Adam Relf, has taken the soft melancholy of the ‘Throwing Stones EP’s’ closing track Hope For Me, stripped it back to a mere sliver of a vocal and pounded it into submission with some achingly heavy beats. Look out for the first original material from these two very soon!

The pounding beats and wailing screeches wake you up immediately. A linger of depth and dark echoes of the vocals captures an eerie presence. It almost sounds like an alarm is going off somewhere. A groovy emergency belching of open gunfire unleashes as the echoed lyrics follow. People will be tripping out to this tune in their basements. Where a lull starts, the alarms return. Even now I am bobbing my head and tapping my feet to the beats.

‘Throwing Stones Remixed’ is now available to pre-order from Empathy Test’s Bandcamp. Empathy Test is currently touring the UK and Europe and working on new tracks for their début album, ‘Demons.’ Become obsessed, it is the only thing you can do.

Empathy Test:




Figures of Eighty:




Photo credit: @CRDhome & @imannelie.


Jam On.



Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes


bloody/bath – Witch Hunt


Pina Palau – Jupi

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