EP Review: Cautiontape

Hey everybody, to bring you out of the winter blues, there is some new music to sample from the warmth of Texas. Last week a new musical obsession, Austin’s Cautiontape, has been taking over the ears of music fans, myself included. Cautiontape just released their new EP How We Shine and it is a pop sensation of foot tapping tunes. Via a Twitter follow, I stumbled upon these musicians after my daily music review morning session. Needless to say, I was hooked. Key tracks that have been on repeat are Get To Me, I’m Sunshine and The New Normal. However, the whole EP has a glamour of danceable pop rock that is impossible to escape from.

Get To Me is the first track that grabs you. It reminds me of No Doubt yet holds onto its original Cautiontape flavor. A bass driven tune leads with a follow up of drums and keyboards. Britani Woods’ singing captures a soul embrace that compels the listener to jam on especially with the funky instrumentals supported. She provides a slight punk aspect in her vocals, which is appealing. What starts off as a focus on the vocals turns into a drive through music consciousness. All the music seems to send listeners to a club lounge where the tragically hip kids all hang and bob their heads. Damn, we all want to be a part of that crew, with drinks in hand of course.

Conveniently enough, I’m Sunshine, is perfect for a wake up call in the morning. Setting this EP to the train, bike or car ride to work or school playlist is ideal. A strong bass line and drum beat sends the music pulsing as life builds up with the guitar and keyboard riffs all the way through. Wood’s voice lightens things up. I can see this song in travel scene in a movie. You simply cannot help but snap your fingers and jerk your head at the on your way to the office or classroom. Hell, keep dancing away once you get there!

The New Normal is a trippy one. A bass twang starts off with Wood’s voice immediately entering the ear buds. While it seems be a slow jam, the head still bobs. Cautiontape’s bass power is a key attribute in their stuff, this song included. Where silence lies, the bass remains. The New Normal is a short yet significant track on the EP. With the strong vibes in the other songs, The New Normal, takes a slow walk in the park.

Cautiontape’s sound is built upon a pop hold, but there is a strong soul presence that permeates each song. As Britani’s crooning awakens the message, the music funks you up. It is the best of both worlds. For listeners who may have the case of the Mondays or the joy of Fridays, Cautiontape will help you get through it all. Jam on in peace and rock out when you can. Let Cautiontape get to you.

Jam on.

Featured Image: Kyle Woods @ www.skykingphotography.com



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