“Fix”: Hazel English

Indie pop artist Hazel English has solidified her dreamy vibe with the release of her third single “Fix.” Her debut EP will be available on an undisclosed date this fall.

If her past songs, “It’s Not Real” and “Never Going Home,” possess the carefree air of summer, “Fix” takes on a more autumnal tone. The gentle guitar melodies and soft crooning make for easy listening that’s not overly bouncy or beachy.

In a statement to Gorilla vs. Bear, English described the upcoming EP as being about “the ultimate feeling of freedom that comes with letting go of inhibitions and living totally in the present.” Aligned with the concept of living in the present, English creates an almost meditative flow with her vocals, which sound as though they are being dissipated by a misty fog. At times, the lyrics are difficult to understand but sound beautiful and calming nonetheless as the drifting vocals mesh with the various other instruments.

Hillary Crawford
Hillary Crawford
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