Go: Give it Some Love – Concert Benefit for Simon Scott


Give it Some Love is a benefit of music, art and fun to benefit our friend and fellow artist Simon Scott. Tickets are being sold for $20, available at the Con Artist Collective and the Bowery Ballroom. A raffle will also be held, and everything from the entire event will go towards his medical costs. Come join us for an awesome time and while also helping out an incredible artist and friend.

Diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumor, we would like to help ensure Simon has a full healthy recovery.
Our goal is to help Scotty with his recovery. Having undergone lung surgery to remove his lung cancer and then brain surgery to remove a tumor, his medical bills are growing fast. Especially since Scotty falls into the fairly typical scenario of an artist without health insurance. As well, his home isn’t ideally set up for ensuring a comfortable and stress free recovery. We can’t wait to get Simon recovered and back to sharing his beautiful art with the world. Raising these funds will honestly just begin the financial recovery, but removing the financial stress during his recovery will be a gigantic help.

June 1st 5pm – Midnight
At the Bowery Ballroom 6 Delancey street.
Get your tickets here

Can’t make it but still want to make a difference? Donate with Give Forward, every dollar helps.