Guys With Fancy Lady Hair

bi-hair_main-borden_081613-3I suppose this would be more of a fancy drag? I don’t really get the point. I’m pretty sure there’s a shit ton of guys that spend hours in front of a mirror trying to make their hair look cool. Or not cool. Whatever you fancy. The dudes’ “over the shoulder” look is pretty amazing though.

“So many men spend years getting their manes all long and for what? To be occasionally bundled into a low ponytail? I’m not sure how ladies got to hoard all of hair’s styling potential when men can grow hair out of their faces.

In an attempt to change the way we look at man locks, I took eight guys with long hair to Salon Miel to get fancy lady updos. As you can see, the results were baby’s breath-taking.”

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
Tag Brum lives in Brooklyn and writes things from a computer whenever wi-fi is available. You can follow him on Twitter @tagbrum.



Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes


bloody/bath – Witch Hunt


Pina Palau – Jupi

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