Half Japanese, New Album Release: Perfect



Half Japanese is an art-punk band formed in 1975 by two Maryland brothers Jad and David Fair, with a small drum set and an out of tune electric guitar. Forty years later, the band has released their fourteenth studio album, Perfect, making it their second release for Joyful Noise, following a thirteen year dry spell. The album is proof that the band’s attitude is that of a playground-daring, saucy, and unapolagetic. Some fans have argued that the band’s angst has dissipated with its maturity, but it’s been thirty years since the releases of Charmed Life, and We Who Ache With Amorous Love, and it is inevitable that the shock appeal of their approach’s edge has dulled with the passing of time. One could argue that although the band may not have changed, the world has, and it’s fans with it. Regardless of the circumstances, the band’s message of non-conformality and self-acceptance transcends the years. This album is easy on the ears then some of their past experimental dives, perhaps why it is gearing up to be one of their more widely realised records.  The band hasn’t announced any tour dates, thus far.

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