Harrison Brome – “Fill Your Brains”



Overnight sensations might be a bit of a strong term, but something in a lesser but similar vibe can be used to described what has happened with virtually unknown British Columbian artist Harrison Brome with his track “Fill Your Brains”. The track (which can be listened to below) has garnered over 182,000 listens on SoundCloud.

“Fill Your Brains” has a gentle ambient electronic hip-hop vibe to it. It is a great tune for listening to with headphones when you want to relax and just zone out of the material world. Brome’s voice is full of soul. It has a melancholy edge to it that absolutely cuts at you like a knife. He would do well at singing blues if he were ever to choose that route. In the mean time Booooooom feels he is full of promise, saying:

Harrison Brome, a virtually unknown kid from Richmond, British Columbia. After he was featured by The Fader it didn’t take long for his song to clear 100k on Soundcloud. Bright future for this one.