Haters ARE GOING To Hate Says Study

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Two things: is Facebook conditioning people to like more things with their positive dispositional attitude machine? And, do trolls feel validated by this study? I mean, it’s not your fault for being an asshole hater, it’s just that you have a negative dispositional attitude and that’s OK.

The dispositional attitude construct represents a new perspective in which attitudes are not simply a function of the properties of the stimuli under consideration, but are also a function of the properties of the evaluator,” wrote the authors. “[For example], at first glance, it may not seem useful to know someone’s feelings about architecture when assessing their feelings about health care. After all, health care and architecture are independent stimuli with unique sets of properties, so attitudes toward these objects should also be independent.”
However, they note, there is still one critical factor that an individual’s attitudes will have in common: the individual who formed the attitudes. “Some people may simply be more prone to focusing on positive features and others on negative features,” Hepler said.

h/t Science Daily