Hipster Date #57: Marla/What Hipsters Will Do For New Year’s?


Marla was supposed to meet me in Brooklyn, but she thought we were meeting in LES, which can be confusing in a city that shares the same street names in different boroughs. Or people who rely on maps and shit. She didn’t Google the bar we were going, which is cool, but she was 2 hours late, which is not cool.

Mostly because I was drunk when she got there.

We talked for a while, she mocked my blog, I mocked her hair cut. We were off to a good start.

I said her art was mawkish. She said my drawings are a reflection of my lack of education.

She started divagating about how Family Guy is misogynistic.

I agreed and said she should write a letter to Fox. They’ll take care of that.

I faked call myself and said I had to leave, because I was going to fake travel to California in a few hours. 

Name: Marla

Relationships: Single

From: Scotland

Body type: Skinny

Personality: Chain smoker pseudo feminist

Funny: Not in that way

Job: Miranda July Stalker

Drink: Yes

Make Out Skills: Recycle required

Hipsterity: On a cup noodles diet for the last two years

This is the last hipster date of the year. Happy New Year, hipster kids!