Hipster Date #79: Laura

She's on tumblr

Laura just turned 25. She wouldnt shut up about her blog and how all her friends were DJs. But for every sentence she uttered that made her sound cool, she uttered a sentence revealing how dorky she was. Like she gives digits to guys at Bardot, but they never call and she ends up eating cookies and watching back to the future. She got angry and threw something when I told her I had never seen back to the future. Then she made a weird horn sound effect with her mouth and called it her “old timey sound.” She texted me after the date asking me to follow her blog.

Name: Laura

Relationships: Desperately Single Agrressive Maneater

From: San Diego

Body type:  Colorless. Pale.

Personality: Always ON

Funny: Mix between Charlie from its Always Sunny and Elliot from Scrubs

Job: vague and nondescript…but something having to with cupcakes?

Drink: Lightweight w/ a vodka cran

Make Out Skills: Noisey. Lots of Moaning

Hipsterity: Poser.

Disclaimer: Laura and I never did hangout, this originially posted by telllaurailoveher. How cool is that?

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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