Hipsters Eat in Williamsburg

From the Gothamist:

Williamsburg diners, along with East Villagers, Long Island City-ites and Park Slopers are the least likely to leave their zip code to eat out, according to some new data about the city’s dining habits commissioned by the Post. “The L is a joke on weekends, and so many restaurants in Manhattan just end up being a complete shitshow, with the waits and the crowds and the bad service,” said one Gothamist staffer who lives in Williamsburg. “Leaving the area to eat just seems like an unnecessary hassle,” said another. The top three favorite dining destinations in the 11211 zip code? DuMont Burger, Marlow & Sons, and Motorino, whoseunfortunate recent shuttering paves the way for some new neighborhood joints to steal the title.

OK, sure, the L on weekends suck, there’s a lot of good restaurants in Williamsburg, but how can you illustrate a story about good restaurants and put a picture of Kelloggs?

What’s your favorite joint?

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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