Hipsters I Wanna Date: Laura Taylor


Who: Laura Taylor

Job: Photographer

Why should we be together: Some say the eyes are the window to the soul. With eyes like hers, you gotta believe she’s really soulful.

Dealbreaker: She likes LA better.

Pros: Potentially eating delicious food and if things go well, we all know how wondrous and exciting a first kiss can be!

Cons: I dread hurting feelings or making people feel inadequate. I’m terrible at giving “the signs” if I’m not interested because I genuinely like getting to know guys and hearing about their life, wether I feel romantically for them or not.

In Summary: Laura has a strong bond with prettiness, you can see it in her eyes and through her art, although she lives in L.A. and loves it, people can always change. Nothing beats New York in the fall. Or so says Tom Hanks in that movie. I’m on the interwebs, L! Come find me.