Hipsters I Wanna Date: Lauren Modery


Who: Lauren Modery

Job: Perpetual personal assistant in the film business/Blogger

Why should we be together: I’m really into lady mustaches.

Dealbreaker: She might blog about you.

Pros: She loves David Byrne and Frank Zappa. She often wear suspenders or ties and bright red lipstick. She might blog about you.

Cons: She has a crush on Pee Wee Herman. I’m jealous.

In Summary: Lauren looks like Neko Case, but hotter. She’s a hipster that is into baby hipsters. This is a total hipsterodox and it will probably destroy the hipster continuum. She’s totally going to blog about me when we hang out. On the plus side, we’re gonna hang out and not only that: I just blogged about her.