Horror Movie Theme Songs Put in Major Key


Since the inception of the internet, people have used this tool to share and do bizarre shenanigans just because they can. This has happened once again, as amateur filmmaker Ian Gordon has now posted to YouTube a video containing five iconic horror movie/tv show theme songs that have been transposed into the major key. The result (which can be watched below) is quite amusing to say the least.

One of the most amusing descriptions of any of the tracks presented in this video was given by a writer on Dangerous Minds, saying:

The X-Files theme played in a major key sounds exactly like Weather Channel “Locals on the 8s” music.

Listening back to it again, they are kind of right. It does sound like stuff we have all heard on the Weather Channel. The only song that has any amount of its former foreboding nature left to it is the theme to “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Even then, it sounds more like something you would hear in a fall TV drama than anything else.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something bizarre and fun to occupy you for a few minutes, look no further.


Joshua Leep
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