Houston producer Rabit released his Baptizm EP

Experimental electronic artist Rabit released his new EP Baptizm yesterday. The EP is out with Tri Angle Records, his first release with the label. Baptizm is a record of 2 halves, the ornate, gothic waltz of “Imp” and “Hex” grinding against the pounding mechanical violence displayed on “Bloody Eye” and “Straps”. On an emotional level Baptizm is about having one’s life thrown completely out of order and finding solace in an imagined world. Themes of destruction and regeneration dominate throughout, as well as an ongoing obsession on the often‐ugly clash between sexuality and religion. All in all, Baptizm finds Rabit continuing to feel out the parameters of his increasingly alien sonic world in a typically exciting fashion.

Rabit – Baptizm
(Tri Angle Records – March 17th)


1. Imp

2. Bloody Eye

3. Hex

4. Straps


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