How Do You Survive in a Hipster Relationship?

  1. idreamofmanatee answered: You don’t.
  2. craigslistguy answered: There is no “relationship,” there is only “hanging out.”
  3. callmequell answered: Only care ironically.
  4. mccooze answered: well, honey, ya don’t.
  5. flatgavininnewyork answered: Avoid them at all costs.
  6. idunnowattowrite answered: you kill them.. kill the all att: lord inglip
  7. aliceinwordland answered: you don’t, you’re a hipster, you can simply get a new one.
  8. shmorgasborg answered: you date someone that is ironically wrong for you, and suffer years through it. then you can always use the experience for “inspiration”.
  9. sarahgawterrwhiskey answered: drink more than them and always end it first
  10. colewilder answered: go on dates to thrift stores
  11. musicaldistraction answered: YOU DON”T
  12. fancycherries answered: Pack him/her lentil salad for lunch. Hipsters love lentil.
  13. marthanatalia answered: you don’t. you die of the irony of love.
  14. notarayofsunshine answered: You don’t.
  15. audreyjapburn answered: a lot of acting, a lot of sex, and a lot of playing hard to get.
  16. jessicalauren211 answered: you don’t
  17. skelecatrx answered: acknowledge up front that you’re both absurd stereotypes. and keep getting high
  18. carriekayy answered: you don’t
  19. irockirockirock answered: keep up on the most underground music. that way you’ll always have the upper hand.
  20. twitchwednesday answered: you dont
  21. vinegarwilliams answered: break up.
  22. selectcopypaste answered: use the money that you save by buying clothes that you can both wear to buy miller high life to keep you drunk enough to enjoy each other
  23. spacemanshane answered: Stop calling yourself hipsters.
  24. anathesciencegirl answered: Not…
  25. iwishicouldapparate answered: drank away my sorrows in PBR.duh.
  26. paris87 answered: whiskey and a mistress, like the old days
  27. rebelswithoutacause answered: By understanding that your hipster boyfriend sometimes is too cool to care about you hahah :)

Tag Brum
Tag Brum
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