Indie Label Constellation Tatsu To Release New Spring ‘Batch’ of Tapes


Indie label Constellation Tatsu is one of those labels who contributes to the resurgence of the tape- essentially a papery thin form of media wrapped around a few pieces of plastic that’s bound to break at any time and honestly doesn’t sound all that great. But criticisms aside, they are great to play in older cars and for nostalgia purposes. Their most recent Winter Batch of tapes included Cosmic Winds by Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Havenaire by Tremolo, and You’re Still In It by Chihei Hatakeyama. The new batch will include mostly newbies and one oldie: I by Yorishiro, Body Trip by H Takahashi, Five Cambridge Utilities by L’eoscombu Couti, and Zonk by Dang Olsen Dream Tape.  The tapes will drop on May 23. Check out their Facebook page HERE. Listen to the chill ambiance of “You’re Still In It” below.

Sources: Constellation Tatsu, Tiny Mix Tapes, Youtube, Facebook