Jarvis Cocker is Hosting a Show About Night Owls?


Jarvis Cocker will be hosting a late night show for night owls about night owls for BBC Radio 4.

The Pulp frontman said the show would feature “various people telling stories in their own words about what they get up to at night”. “It’s a late-night thing, half an hour at 11pm,” Cocker told the Radio Times.

Describing it as a “nocturnal exploration of the human condition”, he said it would feature “a guy who likes to go up to his allotment and drink cans of beer while waiting to see if a badger comes out” and “people who gamble all night in slightly shady poker clubs”.

The first episode, which will air at 11pm on 5 April, will feature a pub lock-in where the bell is never rung.
Sounds fun to me. Also, he’ll be in town with Pulp for a two nighter in April. He’s such a busy guy.

Jarvis Cocker sorted for Radio 4 series


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