Jessica Hopper’s Collection of Criticisms Book Out This Spring

Music critic, editor, and author Jessica Hopper will be releasing her second book, “The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic,” expected in May via Featherproof books. Hopper makes an elevated statement on the music industry, analyzing its history through genres including punk, pop and hip hop. Her wealth of experience within the industry enhances her critical perspective as she incorporates her 20 years of work encompassing reviews, essays, interviews which comprise her overall analytical message of the book to transcend her critical outlook of music to her readers’ own personal perspectives on the evolution of music and its role in our culture today. Hopper’s perspective is one to note; St. VIncent’s Annie Clark notes it as “a trenchant and necessary counterpoint not just on music, but on our culture at large.” The Chicago-based journalist currently serves as Pitchfork’s Senior Editor, with previous contributions to esteemed publications including GQ, Rolling Stone, Rookie and the Chicago Tribune. The anticipated book has strived from “The Girls’ Guide To Rocking,” her first book which the American Library Association named a Notable Book for Young Readers, as she goes from her previous how-to guide to the intrepid statement in her upcoming critique. Follow Jessica on Twitter to stay up to date on her latest reviews.




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