Kyson’s Whispered Secrets to “You”… Track Review

“You” by Kyson from A Book of Flying

Track Review:


Transcendent tones drift in melodious direction at Kyson’s command in his recent release “You” from his new album A Book of Flying. As if from another world – one of purity and simplistic style – Kyson drifts to reality to interact with “You,” the motivator for his creativity. Electronic notes linger, directing the movement of warped keys and ringing strings. Kyson said, “Oh, I’d swell, if you cared for me…” to imply that outside attention further develops the receiver. Kyson acknowledges that no man or woman can truly be an island, separate from problems. To avoid the ocean of solitude, Kyson turns to “You” to incorporate society. Guidance cannot be found in pictures or memories but lives in community. In a sense, “You” is required to fully describe Kyson’s experience. He is made more complete by “You”…whether lover or listener.

Upcoming Album Release:

Kyson, from Adelaide, Austrailia, has the following albums: The Water’s Way, Blackstone, Musk – EP, and Patience. Fresh for 2016, Kyson produced a new alblum, A Book of Flying has two tracks of the eleven, to include “You” and “A Song About the Future,” currently available on iTunes with the full album expected to release on 1 Apr 2016. No current tour dates are posted as of yet…MTF.


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