The Last in Line – “Devil in Me”


On May 16th 2010 the world lost the greatest metal singer to ever live: Ronnie James Dio. Years later, his original solo band has gotten back together with a new singer to not only pay tribute to his memory, but to push forward and release new music as well. The band has put out a new single “Devil in Me” (which can be listened to below via YouTube) which is going to be on their upcoming debut album “Heavy Crown” that comes out on February 19th, 2016.

“Devil in Me” definitely has that classic early Dio feel to it. It has those big crushing riffs that make you feel like you’re going on a big fantastic journey. Singer Andrew Freeman from Lynch Mob definitely does a good job stepping up to the plate to fill in for Ronnie without trying to be him. Uncivil Revolt goes into further detail, saying:

When any group of musicians write and record together, they create a sound that becomes uniquely theirs. Last In Line brings to life those early, classic Dio albums in a way that only they know how. In a way that only they can.

That said, anyone who has been missing those crunchy yet melodic Dio sounds for the longest time should definitely have their needs filled by this monster of a track.


Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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