Live Tweeting Made in NY Awards


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So, that’s it. Jut kissed Mike on the cheek and said goodbye. Till next year!

So, Ben Stiller showed up. He just knocked Robert DeNiro over with “the magnum”. WTF!?

Jerry Stiller just tried to sell a Capital One card to Bloomberg.

Jerry and Anne are up. This is gonna be epic. If they survive, that is.

Meryl Streep just ripped Robert DeNiro apart. “I can’t believe he got an award before me, but supporting actors always go first” oh, snap!

Robert DeNiro just said that Meryl Streep stole his Italian man of the year award. He seems pissed.

Whoopi received her award and Meryl Streep knocked Whoopi with her Oscar.

Bloomberg gave Kickstarter and awards and told a joke about MySpace again. #madeinnyawards

Kelly Ripa’s speech is filled with ums… And riffs on Gelman’s comb over.

Kelly Ripa just got on stage to get her award. Bloomberg tried to make out with her. Consuelos jumped after him.

Mike Bloomberg just made a Facebook joke, but I think he was talking about MySpace. #madeinnyawards

Some lady that works for the govern is blabbing about something, Jerry Stiller just went “serenity now!” on her ass. Wtf!?

Whoopi just lit up a joint. I’m going in. #madeinnyawards

Mike Bloomberg just quoted Gossip Girl. And I just got a crotch shot of Kelly Ripa. This is my night!

Mike Bloomberg is the host of the roast of Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg and some Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller.

So the award is an actual hot dog from Grey’s Papaya.#madeinnyawards

It’s funny that this event is supposed to be black tie and Consuelos shows up wearing a El Pollo Loco tee and sandals.#madeinnyawards

Kinda feel like this Made in NY Awards is full of bridge and tunnel people. #madeinnyawards

Bloomberg is about to give a moving speech… In Spanish.#ayno!

Marc Consuelos just tripped me. Respect!

Bloomberg just nudged Whoopi out of the spotlight WTF!?

Just cut in front of Marc Consuelos. He cursed in Spanish, but I’m taller than him. He’ll get over it. #madeinnyawards

I wonder if they’re going to stop-and-frisk me at the door. You never know. #madeinnyawards

Will be live tweeting the Made in NY Awards 2012. Not sure what that means, but my tie is making me choke.