Low – “What Part of Me”

LOW Band Photo
LOW Band Photo

Duluth, MN based melodic fuzz pop band Low has just premiered a delightfully warm new single “What Part of Me” from their upcoming album “Ones and Sixes” that will be released September 11th on Sub Pop Records. This will be the band’s 11th studio album since they began back in 1993.

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s harmonized vocals in “What Part of Me” are reminiscent of the kinds of vocal harmonies you would hear in a 60’s folk song and also 80’s pop song. The latter is more likely what they were going for given the sonic celestial nature of the instrumental backing. If you didn’t know any better you would swear this was something straight out of 1985. It is an uptempo song, but it’s backed off enough in terms of presence to where it does not feel too abrasive and gripping. Low really just wants to immerse you in the rich subspace of their melodies and harmonies created by their eargasmic voices.

Low will be embarking on a world tour to promote “Ones and Sixes” this fall starting in September and ending in late November. Tour dates can be found here.


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