M83 Interview Details New Track Album Release

“Solitude” by M83 from Junk

Track Review:

Piano keys guide the listener through an intergalactic time-bend. Synth sounds and whispering vocals lead one on a journey of “Solitude.” Love seems fleeting, near unobtainable, but then in comes jazz horn notes and slide guitar. The tempo builds. I feel like M83’s new track would be stellar in film. M83 displays stealth and momentum in skillful arrangement.


Pitchfork Interview:

Devon Maloney talked one on one with Anthony Gonzalez aka M83. I was not alone in tying M83 to film – and by extension, culture. Maloney quoted Gonzalez who said, “I feel like we’re losing this culture of making things, everything is digital, even in music… It’s impossible to come up with something new” (Pitchfork). Discussing the title of the album, Gonzalez had fans in mind. He said to Maloney: “[Junk] is a statement… This is how people listen to music nowadays: They’re just gonna pick certain songs they like – one, tow, if your’re lucky – and trash the rest. All else becomes junk” (Pitchfork). Junk is unlike Gonzalez’s other albums. Maloney noted that it is: “…crammed full of eclectic ideas, from Moroder-esque dance numbers to elegant French chanson… he spent more effort infusing individual moments with his trademark melancholy this time around” (Pitchfork).

Album Release:

Junk is expected to release 8 April 2016, and is available on iTunes and online at M83’s site. M83’s Tour Date schedule is available HERE.


Shout to Sources: Pitchfork, YouTube, iTunes, @M83


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