Madonna Followed This Brazilian Guy On Instagram. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…



Sérgio Gaspar Quintela de Moraes was followed by Madonna on Instagram and became a micro celebrity. Why is Madonna following this guy? More importantly, why is she following him and not me? @madonna is following you, OHMYGOD! Were some of the comments that were popping on Moraes’ Instagram photos.

Moraes is a regular guy. He is not famous. He is a man from the state of Pará in Brazil, a dedicated father and that’s about it. He was being very coy about it, but one day he said, this is personal. Moraes, man of mystery.
The worst then happened: Madonna unfollowed him. Moraes’ last message said, there are other means of communication that are more chill. WHO IS THIS GUY? So cool and chill about a celebrity following him and dealing with the harrassment of regular folk that were really jealous of his new fan. Life goes on and Moraes keeps on posting his landscapes and personal photos in his account. Man, that was the best day.