Malas Palabras and Costa Rican Punk

mala2The garage band genre has gained popularity in areas like Costa Rica and Mexico because it’s a medium that identifies
with with issues like economic and social repression, government corruption. The punk-rock lifestyle is embraced not only as a means of self expression and non-conformity, but is symbolic of the underlying classism and means to convey the need for reform. The spirit of punk in Mexico and Latin America today transcends that of the 70’s punk-rock revolution. Bands like Malas Palabras are exposing the irksome, harsh truths about Latino society in a way that fans can relate to, and irritates  the right people.

Malas Palabras is a punk group from San Jose, Costa Rica that are gaining popularity throughout Mexico and Latin America. The group of 5 reveling Ticos, is fronted by vocalist Gabro Pidgin, who brings a rallying, mosh-pit forming stage presence. Gabro is an undying devoted advocate of the Latin American and malas3South American punk-rock scene, and is a constant presence at shows and events promoting the revolutionary movement. The band collaborates with hoards of bands, musicians, and artists in the Tico punk scene. The band’s sound is vintage punk, slightly delinquent with garage rock distortion and lyrics that hold a mirror to society, modern relationships, social conformity and the corporate machine.The band will be launching their second Mexico tour this year.

Check out Malas Palabras on Bandcamp, or  Facebook  for upcoming tour dates.





Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes


bloody/bath – Witch Hunt


Pina Palau – Jupi

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