Mayer Hawthorne “Love Like That”

“Love Like That” by Mayer Hawthorne from Man About Town

Track Review:

Oozing in swag, Mayer Hawthorne’s track release “Love Like That” is sure to satisfy. The tunes invoke psychedelic-funk-pop mantras and near discoesque tempo. You want to listen to this track, and yeah…who doesn’t want a love like that – one that engulfs life? Hawthorne exposes the burden of finding the appropriate person, and the lyrics suggest that the current partner is not the idealistic-lover he’s after. As the vocals state, “You never care / How far you go / You just can’t get enough of it / I bite my tongue / I bide my time.” Even the sex is noted as lackluster – despite the miniskirt. He wants to love so he’s waiting for a sign. He wants “Love Like That” to seize him, consume his life, but it seems he’s willing to settle for the lover he has, simmering in resentment.


Album Release:

Mayer Hawthorne’s new album Man About Town is expected to release 8 April 2016. Until then, fans are able to currently listen and purchase “Love Like That” and “Cosmic Love” for $1.29 each. Man About Town offers ten tracks and holds a 15/15 review rate with iTunes.


Purchase your own Mayer Hawthorne-swag at the artist’s online site! Right meow, the Limited Edition Bundle is available, it includes: Man About Town Colored LP, Exclusive Album T-shirt, 2 Postcards, Man About Town Poster (18”x24”), 2 Laser Engraved Glass Whiskey Tumblers. Also included, are the digital downloads of “Love Like That” and “Cosmic Love” as well as a download card for the full album. Poster, designed by Imar Hutchins, is silkscreen print on French Paper. Limited edition, only 250 online.

Mayer Hawthorne is on Tour in western US in May 2016. Click here for his complete schedule.


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